*Spoiler free*
While on a solo trip to San Diego, I had some time to kill after dinner one night. Movie pickens were slim and I just couldn’t muster enough enthusiasm to withstand yet another Pirates experience- I think I have ‘repetitive-Pirates syndrome’. So I was unfortunately left with Bridesmaid. I wasn’t excited to see this obvious Judd Apatow ‘The Hang Over’ rip off. I thought Apatow, who also produced this film, was just riding the genre wave that he helped to create. The trailer did not help my expectations and I only saw it because of the surprisingly good reviews the critics gave it. I fell for that before (remember Source Code?). Upon entering the theater, I didn’t know what was more pitiful- seeing Bridesmaid by myself or the four dudes that saw it together sitting in front of me. Maybe both or maybe neither…

To my shock and disbelief, Bridesmaids is a solid film. Sure it has it’s expected gross out/sex humor at the start but it takes it much further. This is a story about enduring friendships and embracing change. It’s also about surviving what life brings and protecting what is most valuable. Unlike so many other buddy comedies, the absurd gags serve to develop the characters versus the other way around. Spearheaded by SNL vet Kristen Wiig, the cast is lovable and real. Sure, a couple of the secondary characters are a bit 2-D but Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, and Melissa McCarthy are exceptional. These four character’s chemistry as a ‘girl-power’ team is fantastic and a joy to watch. Best of all, it passes the Bechdale Test which is rare in movie history. Passing the Bechdale Test, means that there are:

  1. Two females in the cast who…
  2. Talk to each other about…
  3. Something other than a man.
Chances are, if you apply this test to your favorite movies, 9 times out of 10, it will fail. Sure in this film there is a little convo about men but for the most part, the focus is about life in general. In fact, some of the men in this film don’t even have speaking parts! I only bring all this up because this film is an example of how unique it really is. It crafts a story that is seemingly the stereotypical wedding farce but then switches it to expose real life struggles and insecurities. This movie isn’t perfect by any means but it does prove that there are entire untapped genres still yet to be enjoyed. We don’t have to be forced to repetitively go back to the Pirates well. As soon as you use up creativity, someone will make more.
My only fear is that, like The Hang Over, an onslaught of copy cats are sure to be birthed by this. Impersonators that think that a foul group of women that relish in gross out humor is the key to commercial success. It’s inevitable. Bechdale Test or not, I will not be seeing those movies. We will probably get sick of those movies as well but until then, I highly recommend Bridesmaids. It’s smart, funny, and a breath of fresh air.

I give this a 3.5 Babbles out of 5.


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