Who’s Who? At SDCC vol. 3

Today is part 3 of our Who’s Who at SDCC.  I must confess that I have really been looking forward to today’s entry for some time. You see, out of all the C listers we are making fun of, todays may be the greatest convention monger of them all. In fact, this guy is so well known among us people of the con he may actually be on the C plus list, whereas the others are C minus to say the least.  So without further ado I proudly present to you our next proud profile: Lou Farrigno.

This man is pure convention genius because he appeals to not one, but two convention types, the nerds and those who pick on them. I mean body builders and fitness junkies of course.  This guy is playing both sides! Brilliant! Here are his claims to fame.

Nerd points: He was the original Incredible Hulk. Not David Banner but the actual Hulk that Banner turned into on the hit TV series that aired from 1977 to 1982. Lou and his painted green body, dyed green hair and ripped jeans used to entertain us every week by ripping down doors, tossing 55 gallon drums around, knockin’ heads and crushing bad guys. I used to watch this show all the time. Since then he has done numerous bit parts in TV and film, including appearances in a couple Hulk made for TV movies,  Night Court, Sinbad and the Seven Seas, Chuck, I Love You Man, and even a cameo in 2008 Incredible Hulk movie starring Ed Norton. He has stayed (somewhat) busy, but wait, there is more, much more.

You see, he is a muscle building guru as well and goes to all the body building, sports supplement/steroid conventions as well.  Mr. Ferrigno won one Mr. America title and two Mr. Universe titles. He competed against and lost to Arnold Schwarznegger in the Mr. Olympia competitions. While it is currently unconfirmed he is also believed to have lost to Arnold in the NIC,  National Illegitimate Children competitions.  A fitness guru, Lou has a huge fan base in the body building community as well and has appeared in fitness magazines, product endorsements, VHS work out tapes and multiple other muscle headed endeavors.

So here’s to you Lou Ferrigno, our mean, green Hulk and inspiration to nerds everywhere. Too bad your nerd fans didn’t follow your fitness fans and actually work out.



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2 responses to “Who’s Who? At SDCC vol. 3

  1. YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother

    >So without further ado

    It’s spelled adieu you illiterate moron, the word is French.

    Kill yourself you fucking hack troll.

    • Actually I believe you are in the wrong. French adieu is a farewell. My ado is in “Much Ado About Nothing,” as in making a big deal out of something.

      Illiterate indeed!

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