Who’s Who? at Comic Con vol 4.

Over the last few weeks I have been introducing you to the various C list celebrities that you might encounter at San Diego Comic Con, often sitting alone and isolated in the autograph section, signing pictures for $20 bucks a pop. Those actors and actresses whose 15 minutes are long over but somehow they still manage to make money on it. I’m talking about such greats as Richard Hatch, Peter Mayhew and even the legendary Lou Ferrigno.  However, today is a very special day for we look not into the failed past but rather the miserable future. The future, you say? Yes, the future, for surely more C list celebs are sure to come and today I proudly present to you…

Future Who’s Who at SDCC!

With all the failed shows and bit parts out there, there are plenty of future C  listers to go around, however, one name stands above them all. This person has unsuccessfully starred in not one, not two, but three failed nerd shows and the casualties keep mounting. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet: Summer Glau.

At least she has nice guns

Summer Glao is one of those people who keeps getting acting jobs despite herself. In fact, our very own Tony Kim, wrote an article calling her the kiss of death (check out some of the comments that were left.). She started with a guest appearance in Angel before landing lead roles in Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and even NBC latest embarrassment, The Cape, all of which more or less failed.

Let me say here that I LOVE Firefly, it was a brilliant show and it’s a damn shame it didn’t last, I will also say that Summer Glao is not the reason it failed, but none-the-less, it is on her resume and can’t be undone.  So that makes three, big, nerdy franchises she has been in that all were canceled. What does this mean for her career? It means that one, nobody in their right mind in Hollywood will touch her again and two, soon she will be prostituting her autographs (we hope that’s all) out at all the major conventions.

Yep, if you are at SDCC and see a cute girl with a long line of creepy guys in black silk screened shirts at her table, chances are it will probably be her. You can start saving your money for those autographs now if you really want to, but I wouldn’t worry about it, you will have plenty of chances in the upcoming years.

Oddly enough, when she was cast for the Terminator TV series, she hadn’t seen ANY of the Terminator movies! Really?



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11 responses to “Who’s Who? at Comic Con vol 4.

  1. Jeffra

    She did have guest appearance of The Big Bang Theory. Hasn’t been the kiss of death yet for TBBT, but maybe just a visit isn’t too bad. Although one can argue she guest-starred on Dollhouse and it ended shortly thereafter.

  2. YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother

    Wow, you are a lowlife asshole OP.

    Funny thing is Summer will be working in television & film long after you have eaten that .45 caliber aspirin to cure yourself from your pathetic obscure life as a failed writer.

    Enjoy your SSI and Medicare. And no woman ever wanting to be around you because you are an arrogant tactless churl.

    • Summer Glau is pretty lucky I guess because she has some serious die hard fans.

      As to being a failed obscure writer: A. I’m such a failure that you read and left responses on two posts. ..B. This life ain’t over yet…(and I think I am pretty darn good.)

      And at least I made my point, without expletives and insults (except to Summer.) However you really haven’t made any points here to defend why Summer is so great. In fact, if you really think she is great, I would challenge you to write a piece defending her, I might even post it on here.

      Sadly I won’t be able to enjoy SSI and Medicare because they won’t be around when I reach that age. As for the .45 I would probably prefer poison.

      Great use of the word churl!

      Thanks for reading!

      • YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother

        Defend her from what exactly, your inane reference to a ‘curse’ which is just liable slander with absolutely no base in reality? You should be sued. Tony is an idiot troll who calls her the weakest part of every show, when in fact the 4 million people who stuck with The Cape were mostly watching just for her, despite the terrible writing. She was the breakout character in Terminator that surpassed the popularity of the title character and every other character on the show because of her brilliant and nuanced performance. She played 3 different characters on the show and managed to give heart to a cold killer cyborg. NAME ONE OTHER ACTOR THAT COULD HAVE PULLED OFF CAMERON SO PERFECTLY… PROTIP: YOU CAN’T! Her performance made the viewer question what life as a sentient cyborg might be, and grayed the realm between good and evil. Cameron was the perfect neutral.

        Your article makes it sound as if she goes to SDCC to sign autographs, this is utterly false. Summer has never been to SDCC unless she had a project to promote. And if she goes this year it will again be to promote a project. She canceled Starfury recently to take an acting gig. This was one of two conventions she was scheduled for this year. Unlike some people Summer actually cares about her fans, answering fanmail and appearing as a special guest at conventions. She draws as many fans as Stan Lee or Bill Shatner. Sure she gets paid to be there, and rightly so. $30 for a photo op is nothing when you have a pro photographer taking the pics in a booth set up at an expensive piece of real estate in the middle of a popular convention. Are you some sort of commie pinko and hate capitalism?

        I cannot figure out why people like you get off on attacking one of the nicest stars in Hollywood… she is the kindest person and has never ONCE said anything bad about anyone else. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        I can’t stop black-hearted people like you from posting vitriol on the internet. Just like you can’t stop some pissed off fan from knocking your teeth out for being a loudmouth jerk-off in public. But wouldn’t the world be a better place if we didn’t have to endure either?

    • Casual

      Wow, what an interesting response. Let’s look at your logic here, YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother:

      The writer thinks Summer doesn’t have much of a career left (a bit of an insult to her). Because he insulted her, you think he is a lowlife asshole, an arrogant tactless churl, has a pathetic life worthy of suicide, and deserves to have his teeth knocked out.

      Who is the more insulting and rude person here? The person who speculated a career was over based upon 3 failed job ventures, or the one who is calling names and wishing death upon people? Most would agree that your actions/comments are far worse then those of the writer, YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother.

      If the writer deserves what you think he does, then by your own logic you have stooped to an even lower level and should have an even worse fate, as you have been far more rude. You have become worse then that which you hate. You now have 3 choices:

      1. Be true to yourself and face your own self imposed justice – suicide I’m guessing, but at the very least knocking your own teeth out
      2. Be a hypocrite and do nothing about your own state
      3. Admit your fault and change your mindset

      I recommend option 3. I’m sure your mother would as well, as I don’t think you’re reflecting too well on her either.

      If you don’t take option 3, you can reply to me with all the hate and insults you want, but I won’t waste my time replying back.

      • YouReflectPoorlyOnYourMother

        And I quote…

        “nobody in their right mind in Hollywood will touch her again and two, soon she will be prostituting her autographs (we hope that’s all) out at all the major conventions.”

        Anyone who would make this kind of disgusting flamebaiting comment in public should expect at the very least to be met with hostility. Furthermore I say Jeff is a punk-ass no-count yellow-belly. He merits every critique of his personal character I mentioned.

      • Good point Casual. Thanks for reading!

  3. Chewbacca

    A gorgeous, talented actress who happens to have played two of the more iconic roles in recent Sci Fi history likes to geek it up as much as the next nerd.

  4. Yoda

    Summer Glau is the sexiest person alive

  5. Looks, talent, and geekiness. Swoon, internet, swoon.

  6. I feel about Summer’s career the way I do about Joss Whedons: I’d really like for both to do something truly great, post Firefly/Serenity. They both need a big win, and I want them to get it.

    Until they do, I think it’s safe to say Summer has high potential to be a future C list celebrity. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… I geeked out seeing Gil Gerad and Erin Gray at last years Comic Con.

    Joss has a great chance with the Avengers movie, let’s hope he capitalizes. And for Summer, I’ll continue to enjoy the view until we see the verdict.


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