SDCC Cosplay pick up lines…

San Diego Comic Con has a lot of potential for meeting that special someone, but let’s face it, it ain’t always easy, especially for us geeks and nerds. While you may think you look great in your killer Batman costume you might still feel more like the Dork Knight (or Dork Phoenix.) The point is, when it comes to dating, even heroes get the jitters. Remember Sam Gamgee at the end of the Return of the King? After everything he had been through, hitting on Rosie was still the worst of it all. Breaking the ice is often the hardest part. But never fear, us Babblers have compiled this list to help you along.  I proudly give you: Comic Con Super Hero Cosplay pick up lines.

10. “My secret base or yours?”

9. “Check it out, we both look hot in tights…”

8. “Good thing I don’t have X-ray vision or I’d be using it right now.”

7. “Look, just because I’m dressed as a Predator doesn’t mean I am one.”

6. “You must be a DC character because you are giving me Vertigo.”

5. “Let’s just say my claws aren’t the only thing that can pop out.”

4. “Don’t worry, while they call me the Flash, I like to take things slow.”

3. “You’re lucky you don’t have telepathy or you’d slap me right now.”

2.“Whoa – do you control the weather? Because it just got really hot in here.”

1. “Oh ouch! I think I just found my Super Hero weakness.”

There you go! Feel free to try them out. If you think these are bad you should see the ones I didn’t use!

Legal Disclaimer:  Babbleon5 is not responsible for any results of the use of these lines, unless they are good results.



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7 responses to “SDCC Cosplay pick up lines…

  1. Jeffra

    For #3, should that be “telepathy” not “telekinesis” ? I guess with telekinesis, you could slap someone but you would need an object to do it with, right? But it seems to me that knowing what the other person is thinking is more what you mean.

  2. Cathy G

    Jeff … I dare you to try at least one of these each day at comic-con and see how it goes.

  3. Jeffra

    I ditto Cathy, and then post the outcome here on the BabbleOn5 blog.

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