Obama and GOP Reach Deal on Comic Con Cap!

Washington D.C. (AP) -After weeks and weeks of stalemated talks and partisan bickering President Obama and GOP leaders finally reached an agreement on the Comic-Con population and spending cap issues.  If the talks had failed to produce any deal by Friday night it was feasible that the great Con may not occur at all. The debate raged between Obama, who wanted to raise both ticket prices and the number of attendees, and Republicans who wanted to cut spending by reducing the number of panels while lowering the number of attendees. Both parties, who have lost all credibility among the nations’ nerd and geek communities, were desperate to avoid any more plunging approval ratings.

Just when all seemed lost and another walk-out inevitable, nerd hero’s Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi, stepped into the panel to offer a reasonable compromise. The final deal, which is being called CapCon, would raise the overall price to $175 but keep the current number of panels and attendees, was signed early in the morning, giving each side the much needed time to get in line for Hall H. Additionally, a special entitlement program for those who couldn’t get SDCC tickets called the Nerd HQ, was signed into existence as well.

President Obama released a statement saying, “This is a win-win for nerds and geeks everywhere. The great American tradition of Comic Con will continue for the foreseeable future. However, much more work needs to be done.  There is still the question of keeping Comic Con in San Diego and the always touchy subject of getting rid of the Twilight panels. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go plan out what panels I am going to.“

The signing of CapCon


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