The Flaming C and Me at SDCC

Well here is most of him...

Okay, anyone who knows me knows Conan O’Brien is one of my comedy hero’s, so it is no surprise that his appearance at SDCC was one of the best.  Conan opened an art gallery called Coco Moca and it was filled with fan art of the The Flaming C, his fake super hero that has become quite popular. It was really clever and it was obvious they put a lot of thought into it, something I wish other panels had done. In the window they had a life sized Lego Flaming C. Men in black suits stood around guarding the hilarious artwork like a professional gallery.  To top things off, waiters roamed the gallery offering up snacks and apple cider in stemware.

They also had the best Swag of the conference, or at least tied with Game of Thrones.  A T-shirt, done in a Flaming C  comic book style shirt was available as well as Flaming C oven mitts and a Flaming C cape. Sadly, they were out of capes when I arrived, but they still had the mitts.

Lastly, they had a green screen where you could get a free picture printed of you and the C either A. Lifting a school bus together or B. shooting lasers out of your eyes. I opted for lasers. I got to within a foot of Conan and almost met him, but it was way too crowded.  It was still awesome.

Coco also made a surprise appearance at the DC panel and signed autographs on the floor. Somehow I missed  all of that. You can see some of it at Team Coco.

One more thing: Conan has fan top 20 lists that you can contribute too. Last weeks was SDCC pickup lines, guess who’s made number 3? Yes, your very own Babbler, me, @czarjefferson on twitter. Here is a link to it.

Here are also a couple of pictures including my laser eyes.


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