Did Planet of the Apes Rise to the occasion?

Spoiler Free, how much of a spoiler can there be, based on the name?

Hail Caesar!

First of all, I have this much to say, pretty much every movie that relies on monkeys (or apes) as a major plot point sucks. Let’s see, there was the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes, Congo and Zookeeper (which I did not see-but I’m going to out on a limb here and say it sucked.) So it was with much fear trepidation that I went into the new Rise of the of the Apes.  It did look rather absurd, and yet, despite all that, it was pleasantly entertaining.

It wasn’t great, but it was somehow enjoyable. James Franco was good, or good enough, anyhow. The plot was predictable, yet it they made interesting. The CGI was decent but the main character of course, was the ape, Caesar (he is their Rubicon:). If he fails the whole movie fails, and Caesar did well.

I will say this, it took too long to get to the action. You already know what is going to happen (the apes rise) and with that in mind, half way through you are thinking “rise already!” They spend too much time developing a plot about a super, mind curing, vaccine for mental diseases, and half way through they decide they need to develop a new, stronger one. It was completely unnecessary considering you are pretty much just waiting for them to get to the action.

Once things start rolling the action is pretty entertaining and creative. I can’t say much more without spoilers, but it is better than I expected it to be. I will say I was very disappointed there was no poop flinging scene. A seen with that would have bumped it up a least one babble.

If you think there is something else you would rather see, go see it, if you are thinking about seeing this with nothing else in mind, go ahead.

I almost want to give this 3.5 Babbles but I just can’t. It is about apes after all. I give it three.


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