NBC Announces American Doctor Who?

With the crossover success they had with the BBC hit The Office, NBC has announced they are working with Joss Whedon to develop an American version of the BBC hit show Doctor Who.  The show will launch this fall and star Sean Maher (from Firefly) as the first incarnation of the Doctor. Incidentally, the Doctors first traveling companion will be none other than the great Summer Glau ( The Cape.)

Sean Maher plays a Cajun Doctor from the future (yes they will still be around in the future) whose Tardis is stuck in the shape of a double wide trailer home. The show will be titled Doctor Who Dat? And is expected to last 3 episodes.



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9 responses to “NBC Announces American Doctor Who?

  1. Part of me is checking the calendar to see if i’ve just been April Fool’d.

    the other part of me is thinking Sean Maher as The doctor? dude that’s awesome!!!

  2. This is what makes me feel sad to be American. This show will not get good ratings at all, Doctor Who is already showing on BBC America. If this does happen, it will be a waste of money. The Doctor can not be America, just no. Sorry, no, never.

    • Jeff

      haha…well this was really just a joke 🙂 BUT I wouldn’t put it past a station as desperate as NBC is right now. Thanks for reading!

  3. afrothunder

    what is this fuckery?


  4. And here I was all set up for rightous indignation at the stupidity of American TV studios and it turns out to be a joke. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get another chance.

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