Portal No Escape

While I am not a huge video game player, I can’t help but admire this short movie by Dan Trachtenberg. As a director of primarily TV commercials, Trachtenberg decided to return to his original dream of film-making by creating this short about the popular Portal video game. After 10 years of making commercials, he realized that breaking into the action film market would be almost impossible if he didn’t do something big. Exhausting his life savings, his hope was that this ambitious project would gain the attention needed to help him achieve his goal. He shares in interviews that every that could go wrong, went wrong while filming- and he feared that this project would turn out to be an enormous mistake. What happened? This video posted on YouTube 3 weeks ago and now has over 6 million hits! Within weeks, it has already become the third most popular YouTube video in the Animation/Film category. Now he is VERY busy entertaining the attention of many people in the movie industry. It will be interesting to see what happens to his career from this point on. Check out this video and be inspired to take some big risks in life.


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