The pods must be crazy…

"Blair art thou?"

So two weeks your very own Babblers Tony Kim and I went to a live Podcast at Meltdown comics up in L.A. Meltdown is pretty well known in the L.A. community and hosts multiple events with various writers, actors, directors etc.  In the back they have the Nerdist Theatre, where they do different podcasts and events. It is connected (I would assume) to the Nerdist comedy podcast.

This particular podcast was Fandom Planet with the Idiot Box from  Hosted by comedians Tim Powers and SAX Carr (why is SAX always capitalized?) who seem to have their hands in many various initiatives. This particular podcast was The Good, The Blair and The Ugly and featured the talented and funny Blair Butler and Blair Herter, both from G4 and Blair Marnell, also from  Also Steve Niles (from IDW’s 30 Days of Night.) was a last minute, but excellent addition.

Okay, my initial thought on this is that it was really fun. The guests really knew their stuff and were both funny and insightful. Discussion topics included the much anticipated DC reboot, the disaster of the Green Lantern movie, various TV shows and the state of the comic industry as a whole.

An interesting discussion involving digital comics took place, with Blair Herter coming out very much in favor of them. Blair Butler also talked a bit about her new comic that she is writing, whose name and title is completely lost on me now but will be a MMA work.

"Sparklers beware..these vamps are real!"

Steve was really interesting as well, just talking about writing as insider in the comic industry. If you may or may not recall, it was IDW that was doing the genius promo at Comic Con that if you brought a copy of a Twilight novel to their booth, you could trade it for a free 30 Days of Night graphic novel. We had always wondered what happened to those novels and I got to ask him about it afterwards.

He told me they donated them to libraries and literacy groups to help encourage reading. I responded that I wasn’t sure distributing Twilight out into the public really helped encourage reading. He laughed.  I had hoped they would have burned them, or made them into toilet paper.

SAX Carr moderated and kept things moving. Overall he did a really good job and piped in with some good jokes every now and then. At one point, I thought he took over a little too much and was a tad overbearing, but he soon reigned it in and let the guest do the talking.

I have to confess, Powers didn’t add a whole lot. He was funny at times, and I have heard him since and he can be good, but it seemed me he was having an off night. He had some good lines but overall didn’t contribute a whole lot. Blair Marnell did not add much either. He knew his stuff, and had some good industry insights but was kind of quiet for most of it as well.

I think the main problem wasn’t Powers or Marnell themselves, but just that there were too many cooks and not enough broth. Six people for a podcast felt crowded, and with the cult of personalities up there, it was inevitable a couple got lost in the crowd.

Over all thought, it was fun and interesting and I would love to go to some more. It even gave me pause to consider moving to L.A.

If you are in the L.A. area and need something fun and cheap to do sometime, check out Meltdown, they have all sorts of fun nerd programming.

Oh and for you B5’s out there, it gave us inspiration to look into seriously doing our own Podcast as well.



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