Nom, Noms…

And the winner is...everyone who sees this.

So another Emmy awards has come and gone and once again leaves me feeling more than a little – meh. For starters, I am never entirely sure if the Emmys are based on pure popularity or originality and creativity.  Enter in what feels like a good dose of network string pulling politics and who can really say how honest it is? For example, Arrested Development won numerous awards, a great show that was only mildly commercially successful. This makes me think it is based on creativity, but when you look at some of the other shows that win, it leaves me scratching my ginger head.

That being said, here are some thoughts.

The Good:

Style – Apparently hot red dresses and cleavage are in vogue this year. I can’t complain.

Game of Thrones – Serious props to Peter Dinklage for his win as outstanding supporting actor in a drama series! We love this show, and we love the Dinklage.  GoT also had a couple of other nominations, including outstanding drama. I do wish it had gotten a few more props though.

Friday Night Lights – The show that gave us Minka Kelly also gave us Kyle Chandler (coach T!) Okay, this  show doesn’t really fall into the nerd category, but some of us at B5 really like it (especially since half of us are from Texas) Chandler is a great actor and deserves the credit. That being said, I couldn’t help feel like this was making up for the fact he didn’t win in previous years when the show was stronger.

Boardwalk Empire – Several noms, no wins, but at least HBO is getting credit.

Louie – Louis C.K. has become my favorite stand-up comedian (another Ginger as well.) After his failed show Lucky Louie, he has rebounded with his new show also named Louie. In fact, this show is doing quite well and earned him an Emmy nod. It just goes to show, if at first you don’t succeed…

Big props to Dexter , Conan, O’Brien, Parks and Recreation, The Office and30 Rock as well for their noms.

The Bad:

Modern Family – Okay, this show is pretty funny. I give it credit, but it SWEPT the Emmys at an absurd level. I don’t think it deserved all the accolades it got. Especially not when there is…

Okay, so maybe it's good Joel didn't wear a low cut red dress.

Community – I still say this is hands down the best comedy on TV. If you haven’t watched it, you really should. It is witty, filled with pop culture savvy references,   incredibly original, and has Annie’s boobs (Community inside fan joke) thus earning it ZERO, yes zero, nominations at all. Danny Pudi could easily have been outstanding  supporting actor in a comedy.

Steve Carell – How has The Office been so popular and Michael Scott been so iconic that after (I counted on IMDB) SIX…SIX outstanding actor in a comedy series noms, Steve Carell has never won a single award for his amazing performance (That’s what she said.)  REALLY!

Parks and Recreation – This show also has arguably had its best season yet and while Amy Poehler is great and at least got a nom, Nick Offerman really deserves a win as well. He didn’t even get nominated. At least Parks and Rec got an outstanding comedy nod. Oh, and if you watched the show it was Poehler’s idea to have the outstanding actress nominations do a beauty pageant spoof.

Dexter – As popular and good as this show has been, and as many nods as it has had, it has yet to win any major Emmys other than John Lithgow’s Emmy for his chilling season 4 performance. It has had a couple minor, technical wins though.

Breaking Bad – Where the hell was this show!!! I didn’t see it get a single nomination! Critically acclaimed, Golden Globe and Emmy winning acting, and it isn’t even nominated for anything? I will say it has won past Emmy’s including two for Brian Cranston,  but no nominations seem a little harsh, especially with…

Mad Men –   This show just won it’s 5th outstanding drama Emmy. YES, it is a good show, even great. Yes, they nail the 60s upscale New York culture perfectly and yes, they even make you want cigarettes and scotch, but 5 years in a row? Especially, since no real plot developed until season 3 or so. I blame it on the cool, 60’s chic factor.  Oh, and the apparent hotness of Don Draper. Speaking of multiple wins…

The Daily Show – Just won its 9th Best Comedy, Variety something or other award. NINE. Once, again, I love this show, it is one of my favorites, but really, nine years of nothing new? Personally I would have interrupted this run with an Emmy for Chappelle’s Show in 2004, but he isn’t white enough for mainstream America. Additionally, he beat out Conan O’Brien for the Emmy even though Coco is having an amazing year.  No love for another Ginger who probably deserved it.

Well Babblers, let me know your thoughts on this list. Your own pros’ and con’s and things that got left out.



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3 responses to “Nom, Noms…

  1. Seriously, How did Breaking Bad not get anything!?

    Thoughts on Ugly Americans? I think it’s pretty great.

  2. I’m still livid that Parks and Rec was snubbed in so many categories. I don’t even think it got writing or directing nom.

    Nick Offerman definitely deserves an Emmy and I still feel Aubrey Plaza should at least get a nod.

    As much as I love Any, I didn’t expect her to win this year. While I think Parks and Rec had a better season than 30 Rock, Amy Poehler doesn’t have the same recognition or following as Tina Fey.

    As for Michael Scott, I couldn’t agree more. However, this is not the season Carell should’ve won for the Emmy, his has been long past due. For him to have had such a long run and so many nominations, to not win is an insult. Rainn Wilson tweeted it best:

    “The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott.”

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