NYCC Update #1: A Head Start on Swag and Exclusives

by Staff Writer: Aileen Cacayorin (@Aileen)

As NYCC approaches, more and more exhibitors are announcing their panel and booth lineups, as well as the events, exclusives, and freebies that you can look forward to at their booths. Getting swag at these events is half the fun but also a serious art form, so here’s a round up of the latest announcements to give you an edge:

1.  Free Issue of Angel and Faith #1

Where: “Dark Horse Does Vampires Right!” panel(Sat., Oct 15, 11a -12 in Room 1AA15)

Dark Horse will be hosting a panel about vampires in comics (real ones, not the kind in a series that I refuse to acknowledge by name), including the new season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as Angel and Faith. Appearances include: managing editor, Scott Allie, director of public relations, Jeremy Atkins, and Angel & Faith’s writer Christos Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs, as well as a few surprise guest surprises. Attendees of the panel get the free issue of Angel and Faith #1.

2. Dark Horse Comic Con Exclusive: Spider Man Syroco

As part of the Marvel Syrocos program that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con International in July, that Dark Horse will be releasing another exclusive Spider-Man statue for New York Comic Con. It is packaged in the same litho-printed tin box that is the hallmark of the Dark Horse Syrocos and will be sold at the normal retail price of $49.99, with a limit of four per customer. Only very limited number of statuettes will be available at the Dark Horse booth starting at 4pm on Thursday, Oct. 13.

3. UNTERZAKHN Underwear

Where: Pantheon Books, booth #1041

"I'd wear these."

Yes, Pantheon Books is actually giving out women’s panties. They’re part of a promotion for  UNTERZAKHN by Leela Corman  (Schocken, going onsale 3/20/12). The panties are sexy, black hip huggers with the word “unterzakhn”  (Yiddish for “beneath the surface,” aka “underwear”) on them. So guys, if you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend on the cheap, here you go.


4. NYCC Exclusive Finn Figure from Cartoon Network

Where: The Cartoon Network Lounge

Cartoon Network is setting up a lounge in the registration of the lobby of the Javits Center. Fans can catch up on Adventure time episodes, play video games, and grab some exclusives, including the NYCC exclusive, limited edition Finn figurine.

That’s it so far, we hope it helps you out while you’re trolling for swag. Check back in here with BabbleOn5 for more updates as the con gets closer and follow them on Twitter, @BabbleOn5 for live updates from NYCC.

@A1L33N really wants a pair of those free panties. Seriously, that’s one more day she won’t have to do laundry.


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