Behind the Scenes of NYCC #1: Under Construction

Hey there Babblers. I’m Aileen, BabbleOn 5’s brand-spanking-new staff writer. I’m here at NYCC, helping out at the Dark Horse Comics booth for the duration of the con, so I’ll be updating and posting as much as possible on all of its happenings.Tonight I met up with some of the Dark Horse crew to help set up the booth at the convention center. It was less than 24 hours to the exhibit floor opening, and most of the booths, even the big name ones, were still in a dire state of under construction.

"...and nerds."















From a marketing and event planning standpoint, the entire process of putting such a large scale event like the NYCC is fascinating. It’s months of scheduling and planning in the making, and set up the night before the opening is that one last push to make everything come together. Last minute decisions are being made, and for awhile it seems like everything is either empty, or one giant mess.

Set up resumes tomorrow at 9 am. Will everything be ready in time? You’ll have to come see for yourself. The show floor opens at 4! I hope to see you there, make sure to stop by the Dark Horse booth and say hi!

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