Comikaze Expo Nov 5-6

The Babblers are really looking forward to attending the First Annual Comikaze Expo this weekend. LA has not had a consistent comics/pop culture show in some time so we hope this becomes a tradition. Comikaze is being put on by some great organizers that really have a heart for the geek fandom community. This is from their website about what Comikaze is all about:

“Comikaze Expo is an integral part of the city of Los Angeles, something both residents and visitors can enjoy for years to come. Drawing inspiration from the city and the fans, Comikaze is an eclectic mix of LA and geek culture. Comikaze strives to create something unique for the city of Los Angeles. Between the Convention and Pre-events there will defiantly be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Celebs like Stan Lee and Mark Hamill will be making appearances. The best part is that tickets are only $12 and kids under 12 are free. We’ll be covering the event so we hope to see you there! Go to the Comikaze Expo homepage for a complete listing of exhibitors and programming.


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