The Walking Dead Walks Again…

"I still love this picture."

So after a hugely successful launch, a premiere episode that immediately resulted in a second season, and much controversy, The Walking Dead has finally returned.  First of all, why AMC is trying to destroy their highest rated shows is beyond anyone’s knowledge.  Walking Dead has pulled in higher ratings then Mad Men of Breaking Bad, both Emmy winning fan favorites. Last season’s finale pulled in around 6 million viewers, doubling the viewership of Mad Men. When AMC decided to slash Walking Dead’s budget the director protested and they fired him, shocking the cast and crew, but not before using him to promote the show at comic con. The cast has been surprisingly silent, and rumors exist that AMC is threating the actors to remain that way. Implying that on a zombie show, it is very easy to kill of characters. This is no way to treat your star shows (Breaking Bad and Mad Men have both recently had problems as well.)  Simply put, AMC is on top and not ready to handle it. If they want to role with the big boys like HBO, they are going to have to play like them, and so far they haven’t been able too.

Anyway, I digress, the fact of the matter is, it’s back we are watching. Okay. I admit, we Babblers totally over hyped this show last year. It’s good and fun but it was hit and miss, every other episode was good with some not so great ones in between. I think because I am a fan of the books I enjoyed the show more BUT we are to episodes in and so far it has been much better.

For whatever reason, sometimes is taker a writing team a season or two to really figure things out. Look at Parks and Recreation, started off decent but not great, now it is rolling. If Star Trek Enterprise had the same writing in the first season as it did it’s third, it probably would have lasted much longer. It would seem that the Walking Dead team has figured it out now. The dialogue and plot arcs have been better, it isn’t perfect but it is at a higher level. There are still some campy things, like girls tripping when being chased by a zombie, but hey it’s a zombie series, and that makes it automatically a little campy, so have fun with it.

Also, I like the fact is isn’t shot in high definition.  I am sure it is done on purpose and adds an apocalyptic washed out feel to it.  It’s no Game of Thrones, but it fun in the meantime.


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