Can Planking Save You From Zombies?

So here is today’s discussion question. If you are caught in a zombie apocolypse and one day you are caught out in the street with zombies around you. Can planking save you from them? Discuss:

This plus....

Zombie horde = Survival?



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9 responses to “Can Planking Save You From Zombies?

  1. Not if they can still smell that you’re alive!

  2. According to the Walking Dead, no, because they can smell you. On the same note, Tebowing won’t work either.

    • Though in one episode didn’t they just hide under a car on the freeway to hide from the zombies? I would have thought they could still smell you even though you’re under a car.

      • Jeff

        Yeah, in one episode they had to have a body over them so they didn’t smell them out, another I think some hid under a car…of course their could have been a dead body in the car etc…

        I still say as a general rule, planking should at the very least buy you some time. Which makes me which I had gotten my picture planking at the zombie crawl at SDCC>
        THanks for reading!

    • Jeff

      It is true that we need to define what world we are living in I guess. What if the zombies nose is rotted off? Or if you put some zombie guts over you? They did do that in the WD. Tebowing.haha. you mean the power of the Almighty won’t shield you?

  3. locstar

    only if you throw a dead person on top of you.

  4. Jeff

    Which is fine since I usually have a dead person in my trunk anyway..

  5. On second thought, Tebowing might work, depending on how hard you’re praying.

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