Walking Out on the Walking Dead…

Okay I have finally decided I am more or less out on Walking Dead. First they lost me, then they sort of won my back and just when I gave them some props, they go and lose me again. Seriously, this show is a directionless as the Cain’s presidential campaign. Here is a summary of the season.

"So dramatic...especially Andrea on the right"

(No Spoilers- because there isn’t anything to spoil)

Episode 1: Little girl Sophia gets lost.

Episode 2: Search for Sophia

Episode 3: Search for Sophia

Episode 4: Search for Sophia

Episode 5: Search for Sophia

Episode 6: Search for Sophia

Episode 7: Search for Sophia

Epiosde 8-8.5: Search for Sophia.

Okay, was it six episodes or 8? I don’t even care enough to look it up. If it was 6 and I accidentally added 2, then I promise you the plot wouldn’t have changed, they would still be looking for Sophia.

Seriously, a little girl gets lost and they spend the whole freaking season looking for her! Could you possibly think of more contrived plot? With all the apocalyptic, zombie, end-of-the- world stuff and all they can do is waste 8 episodes looking for a girl? There are so many more epic plots they could have pick come up with.

Oh to be sure, there is some lame interpersonal stuff thrown in as well. Carl, the boy,  gets shot but sadly doesn’t die and Rick refuses to grow a pair. And what’s up with Carl anyway? Whenever they show him he just sort of has this retarded dazed grin on his face. Seriously, he looks like has special needs.

Ironically, the real zombies are the shows viewers who must be brain dead after watching this offal. Let’s see. It has the makings of a great show, it’s only missing one thing. A PLOT! Man, if only there was a vast volume of engaging, prewritten material the show’s writers could pull from. Oh wait! There is! It’s called 8 books worth of composed graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. They have 80+ comic books worth or material and they STILL can’t find a decent plot. AMC must stand for Aimlessly Mindless Content.

Okay I have ranted enough I suppose. The thing is I really want this show to be good, but the more I think of it from anarrative standpoint the more it makes me mad. The last 10 minutes of the last episode are pretty tasty and they do some heavy zombie brain blasting, but you probably won’t see it because you have already blown your own brains out watching it.



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3 responses to “Walking Out on the Walking Dead…

  1. BanjoAndro

    Completely agree – This show could have been so much better

  2. As this is a free country, well mostly, I feel compelled out of my complete passion for this show to oppose your (extraordinarily cynical) POV. (wink and smile) Please do not abuse your regal powers upon me for doing so, Sir Czar. Having said that might I offer the opinion that you perhaps are looking at this show through the wrong, tsort of viewfinder? See, I feel, in my five and a half feet of molecular space, that this show is less in the vein of traditional zombie gore and fright and adrenaline, and more in the funnel of the human experience, as it might play out in this very specific scenario, that is a zombie apocalypse, Charles Ingalls style. While I see what you mean when you complain that the entire second season seemed to be about the missing Sophia, I never, I suppose in my naive brain-dead viewing, (wink and smile) gave that a thought. I was too busy enjoying the complexities, the character study of each individual. Case in point: the Shakespearean dilemma of Shane’s tragic choices. Hershel’s denial of the reality of the zombie ‘disease’ due to the fact that his wife is one of the walkers that he’s kept alive because he believes he can cure her eventually. The connection between Glenn and Hershel’s daughter whose name currently escapes me. The strange tenderness between Daryl and Carol. Lori’s pregnancy which may be her husbands and may be Shane’s. Well, and then there’s the last scene and what would any of us do in Carol’s shoes? I can’t imagine. All of these situations always leave me asking myself “What would I do in this scenario?” I get lost in the stories, in the anxiety staying alive and protecting my loved ones, in the compelling tension between hating the ‘walking dead’ and feeling compassion for them. I become enamored of the many directions we as humans might turn, both tragic and heroic, when pressed beyond our capacity, beyond our understanding. How human, how barbaric might we become? All in all, I think if you’re wanting the typical blood, gore, and fright of a zombie horror piece, well I’d suggest revisiting “28 Days Later” or “Night of the Living Dead” (though that was kind of a snore). ‘The Walking Dead’ is not going to be that kind of show. It takes zombies from an intangible (and I’ll agree more fun) Ozian super make believe to a relatable, more universal and compassionate human experience.

    • Well Faith, first of all, you did not bust out the phrase Ozian super make believe did you? Secondly, I will be the first in any case to say that whats make a story compelling is the idea of character. Even in 28 Days Later etc..there has to be some connection to the characters. My problem is, most of the character plots in the show feel artificial and forced to me. Okay, the Rick- Lori-Shane triangle is good. Most of the others feel forced or weird and really drag the show out as well. Carl and Andrea are completly undefined, Glenn and the Farmers daughter feels artificial. I don’t know….I just feel like even the relationships are taking to long to define..oh and Daryl and Carol is just bizarre. I like the fact in the midst of a zombie apoc. they are still trying to be human. It just isn’t done well to me. And yes, if we ever in a zombie apoc. and I am turned to one, feel free to shoot me without remorse.

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