Is The New Girl Old Hat?

Totally Adorkable

The amazing Zooey Deschanel, loved by all men and equally despised by all women, has a TV show of her very own on FOX called, “The New Girl.” (For information on why women hate her read  the article in Cracked.)  The basic plot involves a girl (Zooey) who finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and in a quarter life crises, packs up her stuff and moves to New York where she finds a place to live with three other guys.  She of course, is nerdy, clumsy, and completely clueless about love and life. The three guys, each representing some different view point, decided to help her along.

Zooey has her very own adjective to describe her: Adorkable. The pretty yet hopelessly lost girl who manages to look cute regardless of whatever socially awkward position she is in. The problem is this girl, often called the manic pixie dream girl in film lore, can’t possibly exist in reality, and yet Zooey embodies her. (See the song Margaret vs. Pauline by Neko Case.)

So here is the summation of the show. Zooey Deschanel being Zooey Deschanel, and it more or less works, for now. Zooey is surprisingly fresh and funny in the show.  If Chuck was a girl it would be her.

The show isn’t hysterical, it’s overly cute and contrived at times, but it has its funny moments. Here is my main problem with it. How long can it last? How long can Zooey being Zooey go on before it gets old? In order for the show to succeed, the other characters must develop into their own funny personas and so far I haven’t been impressed with the rest of the cast.

Think of it this way. The Office was carried by Michael Scott, but not alone. They developed great characters like Dwight, Pam and Jim along the way. If it was just 6 years of Steve Carell how long would it have lasted? This is true of any great sitcom. Sometimes it takes a season or two to get the other characters rolling, like Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, but even then, early on you could see the potential, whereas The New Girl seems to be lacking. If The New Girl is just the Zoo girl, then it’s a one trick pony, a pretty good trick, but one that won’t last for several seasons. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, it is also one giant advertisement for Apple. Justin Long stars as her potential love interest and an Apple product is featured pretty heavily in every episode, just an observation for those who are curious. I’m not sure how I would rate this yet, because there have only been a few episodes

I would probably give it a happy medium of 3 Babbles. Not ground breaking or Emmy winning, but better then  ^%$* My Dad Says.



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2 responses to “Is The New Girl Old Hat?

  1. rick pierce

    What is NOT better than ^%$* My Dad Says

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