The Dark Crystal Rises

The Dark Crystal does not refer to my heart, it does however, refer to one of the best fantasy films of the 1980’s (and for all of time for that matter.) Releases in 1982 this movie proves to be more of the greatness of Jim Henson and Frank Oz. It is a fantasy movie set on a distant planet in the past and it rocked our nerd worlds. We loved it. For you younger generations who are spoiled on special effects, the Muppet’s and other Henson works, were as good as it got back then, I would argue their work still holds up to anything produced today.

So that being said, I recently learned they are coming out with a Dark Crystal prequel. Not on film but in the graphic novel format.  It’s being called Dark Crystal: Creation Myths, and we can only assume it goes into the origin stories of the Gelflings and their mystical world. According to, Brian Froud, the concept designer for the original Dark Crystal, is doing the illustrations. Sign me up. This definitely calls for a Dark Crystal watching party.

My friend Brandon unknowingly contributed to this article.


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