a man who unknowingly influenced us all

If you have ever been to, or dreamed of attending Comic-Con, or any geeky convention, then your life has been influenced by Richard Alf, one of the cofounders of Comic-Con San Diego. He passed away today at age 59 of cancer.

The ironically named Alf, helped form the convention in 1970 with a handful of volunteers. He also loaned money to the convention in its early years and did a lot of the hands on work as well. Of course, back in those days the convention was nothing like it is now. Low numbers of visitors and get this, actual comic book related items covered the sales floor and panels.

I remember as a kid in the 1980’s reading my comic books and seeing the convention advertisements and dreaming about how cool it would be to go someday. It only took me a couple of decades to do so. Now I have been 5 times and look forward to every year.

So here is to you Alf, unknown hero of nerds everywhere. We give you are condolences and thanks for making Comic-Con such an amazing event. It’s pretty impressive to go out with what you know has become a tradition for so many. Your legacy will live on.


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