You can be a hero!

Some of you may not be aware, but there is a huge famine in the Horn of Africa and they are facing what is being called the worst hunger crisis of the last 60 years. Approximately 13 million people are suffering without food. It doesn’t help that much of the area, like Somalia, doesn’t have a functioning government and local leaders are making distribution difficult. I read a story about one women who had to walk 100 miles to find food. On the way she had to stop and bury her infant son who had died during her travels. Terrible, heart-breaking stuff, but you can help.

DC is launching the We Can Be Hero’s campaign. For every donation you make to raise food for Africa, they will match it 100%, they are also selling super cool gear with the slick We Can Be Hero’s logo, 50% of those proceeds go to help raise food as well. I have had the privilege of visiting Africa (not this part though) it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I can honestly say the people are the most kind and joyous I have ever met. Here in America, where we have so much, let’s help those who have so little. The world is in need of a few hero’s, what are you waiting for?


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