Blood and Chrome trailer

Blood and Chrome, the much anticipated prequel to the highly successful series Battlestar Galactica, is still stuck wandering the galaxy in search of home. Deadline reports that Syfy has scrapped the idea for the series and, unless things change, plans to air the already-filmed 90-minute pilot as a movie on the Syfy Channel and to continue the story as a web series. The story follows a young Commander Adama during his viper pilot days as ‘Husker’ during the first Cylon war. Sounds like a winner to me- and the trailer looks to promise everything that Caprica could not deliver. Let’s hope we get to see it before Cylons take over our planet.

It stars Luke Pasqualino, Ben Cotton, and Lili Bordán. Michael Taylor wrote the teleplay from a story by Taylor, David Eick, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, with Jonas Pate set to direct

NBC yanked the Youtube post but you can view the trailer at BUZZFEED



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2 responses to “Blood and Chrome trailer

  1. Your link isn’t working. Blocked by NBC.

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