Wondercon 2012

Welcome to Wondercon 2012!

Chewbacca (left) Co-Pilot of the Millennium Falcon and Joe Hill (right) Creator/Writer of ‘Locke and Key’

My buddy Jeremy opening ‘The Guild’ cards with the lovely Felicia Day!

Can you say, Time Paradox? Whovians Unite!

Lou Ferrigno (left) Sad ‘Hulk’ song plays.. Yoda (right) He celebrates St. Patties day too!

I think the Avengers lost a few things…


Fiona Staples (left) artist of ‘Saga’. Scott Snyder (right) writer for Batman, Swamp Thing, and American Vampire (creator)

Samara (left) from Mass Effect 2, Faye (right) from Cowboy Bebop

Fantomex and Archangel (left), Katniss Everdeen (right) from District 12.

Game of Thrones promo. Only 1 more week away from the Season 2 premiere!

Overall, Wondercon was great this year. Artists and Writers are more accessible at a smaller Con (like this one) in comparison to the Mother Con- SDCC. It was so great getting to meet Joe Hill, Scott Snyder, Fiona Staples, Felicia Day, and Joss Whedon. But, shaking hands with the Legendary STAN LEE, was a dream come true. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I think I could die happy now. Next trip- San Diego Comic Con!


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  1. Ah, super heroes and Hot Wheels… My child (and adult) hood loves. 🙂

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