A Capcom Card Game!?

Ah the nerd world, so full of creative and odd games. There are RPG’S, MMORPG’s, Table Top Miniatures, LARP’s and of course CCG’s. The last one (CCG) stands for Collectible Card Games, and if you already knew then you will fit right in with us. CCG”s are just that, card games where buy and collect cards and play each other. These are cool, slick games like Texas Hold’Em or Blackjack, no leave it to use nerds to take something cool like cards and make it, well, nerdy.

You have probably seen some of them. The biggest is Magic the Gathering but there are plenty of others. There is a Star Wars one, Overpower (a Marvel and DC superhero themed game,) Legend of the Five Ring (L5R), World of Warcraft and even Pokemon can be considered a CCG.

I never played Magic, it was too expensive and too many cards. I did play L5R and Overpower pretty heavily. One day I decided that due to money and the fact I only enjoyed them half the time, I quit playing them and swore I would never get back in: Until now.

It has been announced that Capcom and Cryptozoic Entertainment are developing an all new CCG based on the Capcom universe! It will feature Street Fighter, Final Fight and other Capcom entities you can choose to battle it out with your friends.

Resident Evil was not on the list of the first sets to be released, but you can bet good money that if they game is a hit, they will add Resident Evil sooner or later. Will I play it? Maybe, I said I would never get back into CCG’s, but I also said I would never get back into Dungeon’s and Dragons but we see how that went.  Now if we could just get a Silent Hill card game going.

Here is the press release and oh, I call Chun-Li.


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