A Creepy WonderCon Encounter with Lloyd Kaufman

So here is a creepy little story I have been saving for just the right time, and dear Babblers, the time is now.  I already wrote about how much I enjoyed WonderCon but there was one little incident I failed to report. Ironically enough, the same weekend the Anaheim Convention Center hosted WonderCon, it also hosted a high school cheerleading contest AND a high school volleyball tournament, so there were many high school girls running around, and many jokes being made about the new cosplay, how this was the same group of girls who used to pick on us, and how this is the safest place they could possibly be.  That is, until this little incident occurred.

Friday night fellow Babblers Johnny, Tony and I were standing in the hotel lobby waiting for the elevator and this wiry old guy walks up. He is wearing a sports jacket and bright tie and I had the feeling he was somebody but couldn’t place him. Tony leans over and whispers in my ear,” that’s Lloyd Kaufman. “ Ah cool, I thought to myself.

Lloyd Kaufman is a Hollywood writer, producer, director and occasional actor. He did some freelance work on Rocky and Saturday Night Fever, but he is most well known for starting the Troma Entertainment company. If you aren’t familiar with Troma, they are famous for making super cheesy, super sexual and super violent horror films that often pull from 1950’s and 1960’s genre flicks while usually adding a bit of social satire and commentary as well. Their biggest film was The Toxic Avenger (which inspired a cartoon and several sequels) but others like Class of Nuke ’Em High went on to moderate success. Troma is also where James Gunn got his start as a writer.

Back to the story: We get in the elevator with Kaufman and go up. It stops on the 5th floor, the pool floor, and this high school girl in a bathing suit, flip flops, wet hair and towel wrapped her gets in. The door closes and a moment later, from behind me and to the left I hear a gravelly voice say:

This is a pretty standard face he makes..google and see.

“Very nice.”  Our eye brows lifted as we tried to pretend this didn’t just happen. The poor girl tensed up.

Again. “Oh yes, Mmmm.” Now it is getting awkward as we make eye contact with each other, wondering if it could get worse. The answer was yes.

“Oh yes, very, very nice,” he said.

Fortunately, at this point the elevator stopped and the girl hurried off.  A couple floors later Lloyd got off. I wanted to say “Lloyd you are a dirty, dirty man,” but he probably would have just laughed and agreed.  After he got off (the elevator that is)we all sort of took a deep breath and universally agreed that was just plain stalkerish.

Lloyd is a Hollywood guy and is probably used to young little starlets throwing themselves at him in hopes of getting any role they can. Still I always remember our creepy encounter with him and hope that from now he stays at a court ordered 100 feet away from all conventions.



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2 responses to “A Creepy WonderCon Encounter with Lloyd Kaufman

  1. Crazy4ComicCon

    Yea, I felt like I needed to take a shower after getting off the elevator. However, good to see the old dude is still kickin and creepy more than ever. He should be the new Viagra spokesperson 🙂

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