Countdown to SDCC: T-Minus 14 Days!

Comic Con is now officially TWO WEEKS away (counting preview night), and while we have had some coverage lately we are now starting are award winning series, Count Down to Comic-Con!

T-Minus 14 Days

One thing I really like about Comic-Con is that they have really expanded into the Gas Lamp district now. In fact, besides just people watching there is enough going on outside and after-hours that even if you don’t have a SDCC pass, you can still have plenty of fun. The last couple of years have seen the Gas Lamp host events like: Flynn’s Arcade Tron Promo, Conan O’Brian’s Coco Moca Café, The Southpark Experience, Nerd HQ, Trickster, The Scott Pilgrim Promo and some other great events I can’t remember now. If you are a zombie fan you are in luck this year because there are not one but two zombie themed events. Here they are.

The Zombie Walk:San Diego.

The zombie walk, started in 2007 with 120 zombies, is now in its fifth year and has become one of SDCC most popular events. Now several hundred zombies overrun the Gas Lamp district, sending the living fleeing for their precious lives. Seriously, I saw them last year, it was an endless stream of undead of all ages. While this is their biggest event they have planned other events as well, including zombie Christmas caroling, zombie kick ball and they are listed as one of the “ten essential Comic-con must-sees.”  They have also appeared in music video and featured in numerous newspapers. In addition to all of this they raise money for local charities! Who said the undead were heartless?

Correction! I said I don’t know where they are meeting but they let me know.Here is info.

When: Friday July 13th

Where: Meet at the corner of 4th and Broadway between 5:00 and 5:20. Please no earlier then 4:30. The walk begins promptly at 5:30.

or follow them on Twitter @sdzombiewalk

Oh @Fearnet or is hosting an exclusive after hour’s zombie party for 300 lucky walkers. Follow them for information. Which brings us to…

The Walking Dead Escape:

This COULD be you!

If you ever wanted to know how you would fair in a real zombie apocalypse now is your chance.

This has to be up there with Flynn’s Arcade for creative marketing. If you are a Walking Dead fan this is a must see. They have rented out part of Petco Park and are converting into zombie apocalypse that you must “climb, crawl, hide and slide your way to safety.”

Zones include an FEMA resupply depot, overrun highway, zombie infestation area and finally the EVAC zone. Cost to play is $80 and signups are still open. Get this though, you can also pay $19 or $39 dollars to be one of the zombies or even a horde master or horde hero. Oh Greg Nicotero & KNB EFX will be providing all zombie makeup effects (full day walkers can get a partial refund.) These are the same guys who do the TV show! If don’t want to dress up or pay they need volunteers to escort waves of survivors through the course. Lots of opportunities here!  Check them out.

If you can’t make the Escape, you can find a detailed report as your very own Babblers Aileen and I will be there in full survival mode. Follow us @babbleon5 or @nerdy_something or   @A1L33N  


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