Countdown to SDCC: T-Minus 13 Days

In our award winning series we continue to countdown to SDCC 2012!

dc comics horn of africaHere is something interesting I stumbled upon yesterday that you may want to check out while at SDCC. While you and I both know that the comic book world has some amazing artists, it is generally not considered a “high society” or “artsy” genre. So who says you can’t get a little cultural while at San Diego Comic Con this year?

Hopefully you are aware by now that the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya) is suffering from one of the worst famines in decades. Somalia in particular is in trouble as they have had no functioning government since the mid 1990’s. There are literally millions of people  at risk. Africa is a place I have come to care greatly about and so I was thrilled when DC Comics launched the “We Can Be Heroes,” two-year, multimillion dollar campaign to raise money for humanitarian groups working to provide relief in the famine struck area (as reported by B5’s Tony Kim.)

Okay. so, what does this have to do with the SDCC? There is a touring art exhibition called Darkness and Light: Art Inspired by Heroes and Villains, Hope and Heroism that will be viewable by fans attending Comic-Con this year. Various artist, most notably Jim Lee, have donated pieces of art work to the tour that will be mixed with photography’s of the real heroes, humanitarian aid workers, fighting hunger in Ethiopia. At the end of the tour the pieces will be auctioned off to support relief efforts. Proceeds from sales of variant cover comics also went to the cause. They had a pretty cool shirt you could get for making a donation to the cause as well and I can only assume it is still available since this is a 2- year drive.

I won’t get on my high-horse here, but I do think in our 21st century world where we have so much, it is sad that people still go without food and clean water. I would expect the DC booth to have some info on this as well. I plan on checking out the art show whatever the case may be. Here is the info of where to find it.

Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts

363 5th Ave. #102

San Diego, CA 92101

This is literally 2 or 3 blocks away from the convention on the corners of J St. and 5th.  We can only

assume that Michael J. Wolf is distant evolutionary cousin of Michael J. Fox.


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