More Around-the-Con Activities at Yahoo!’s Movieland


Each year, San Diego Comic Con continues to expand outside of the convention hall, and now there’s just as much to do as inside. Yahoo!, in partnership with in partnership with several major film studios, including Universal Pictures, Sony, Lionsgate, and Paramount Pictures, will bring their own interactive game, >Movieland, to life across from SDCC.

“Yahoo! will transform a 2000 square foot Comic-Con space into MOVIELAND, so attendees can experience a life-size interactive game board with movie-related content (trivia, quizzes, etc.) customized to some of the summer’s biggest movies, including ParaNorman, Total Recall and The Expendables 2. Highlights from the experience will include: actual movie props, augmented reality photo booths, special visits from actors throughout the week including Christopher Mintz-Plasse (ParaNorman, How to Train Your Dragon, Superbad), and chances to win exclusive on-site prizes, including movie tickets.”

MOVIELAND will be located across the street from the convention at 520 5th Ave. No SDCC passed are required and the event is free and open to the public.

Public events like Yahoo’s MOVIELAND are a great way for fans without badges to still join in the SDCC experience. There’s sure to be plenty of fun, freebies, Comic Con news, and even a celebrity appearance or two! Even if you do have a badge and you need to fill some time between panels, it’ll be worthwhile to add MOVIELAND and other around-the-con events to your packed SDCC schedule.


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