Countdown to SDCC: T-Minus 6 Days – More Stuff to Do!

Here is another fun thing to do in addition to attending the great Con itself. Last year saw the first Nerd HQ and it was such a success The Nerd Machine is bringing it back for more! Nerd HQ is a nice intimate alternate to the huge, crowded rooms of Comic-Con. It brings various stars together in a smaller venue that allows the guest to ask questions and afterwards, get this, have a meet and greet with them! These are no small potatoes either as they have brought in some pretty serious names. Check it out. Adam  Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, Danny Pudi and Zachery Levi all made appearances last year. Yours truly had a geek out moment when we ran into Danny Pudi and Adam Baldwin on the streets outside of the HQ.

It gets even better. Xbox is one of the official sponsors and they are setting up 40 gaming stations where you can check out not yet released games including the new Tomb Raider demo. You do need a ticket to get in. Last year tickets were $20 dollars for a day but get this, all proceeds go to Operation Smile and last year raised $25,000. You can find more information at the Nerd Machine.

Oh for those of you who are interested there is also a Super Hero Pub Crawl you can attend!



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