Countdown to SDCC: T-Minues 5 Days – Have a Personal Quest

Here is something you can do to make Comic-Con more fun (not that it needs to be more fun) but come up with a personal quest. Something extra special you want to get out of Comic-Con. Here are a few ideas.

–          Meet a childhood C list TV celebrity. There are tons of them from shows like Buck Rodgers, the original Battle Star Galactica, The Incredible Hulk and many, many more.  You might have to pay for an autograph or picture, but it is cool to meet them.

–          Find your favorite nerd toy from your childhood and if you don’t still have it, buy it. Although I still have them, for me this would be the Millennium Falcon or Jetfire. We aren’t talking the pristine, still in the box original, just an affordable used one.

–          Or alternately, find the one toy you always wanted but never got. In my case, it would be the AT-AT.

–          If you go to Comic-Con or other conventions a lot, find something to collect at each one. By a unique coffee mug each year, some fun pins or buttons or even a cool shirt. Maybe buy one part of Voltron each time.  For me, I am going to look for iron-on patches for my courier bag. One for each year I have been.



A little creativity and a personal touch can add a fun and unique flair to your SDCC experience. In light of that, here is my main quest. When I was a kid, my favorite toys were my G.I. Joes, so naturally when I saw the G.I. Joe comic book from Marvel I had to buy it. It was the first comic book I ever remember buying and I was completely hooked. It was my gateway drug to comics. Like Scrooge McDucks “Number one Dollar” I like to call this my “Number One Comic.” Reading the G.I. Joe’s ignited my imagination, I would stay up late at night for hours reading them. It turned me on to the idea of writing. It wasn’t before long that I started into Wolverine, X-Men and a few random others.

So I will hunt down my “Number One Comic” and buy it. I don’t remember the issue, just that it had Zartan on the front. It gets better though. I found out that the writer of the series, Larry Hama, is going to be at SDCC giving autographs! I would love to meet him, get his autograph and tell how much his work inspired me.

So there you have it. Nothing fancy like going on a date with Olivia Munn or getting HBO’s exclusive after hours Game of Throne party, just something fun, realistic and sentimental. COBRA!



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