Take a Look at the Official SDCC 2012 Swag Bags

For the third year in a row, Warner Bros. Entertainment will sponsor the official San Diego Comic Con “Swag Bag.” The bags will feature double-sided artwork and each will have the all-new Comic-Con 2012 official design on one side, with the other highlighting Warner Bros. titles, including TV series — live-action and animated — from Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation, and upcoming theatrical features from Warner Bros. Pictures. The features TV titles include:  ArrowThe Big Bang TheoryDC NationFringeSupernatural and The Vampire Diaries, along with motion pictures Man of Steel and Pacific Rim.

Over 130,000 of the bags will be made to guarantee that every badge holder will get their own swag bag, which have become very popular SDCC keepsakes over the past few years. They measure 24 x 9  and are an oversized messenger style bag, unlike last year’s, which could be converted into a back pack.

WB released these photos of the bag today . Not included is the art work for Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, which will most likely be a surprise for SDCC fans. Which one is your favorite so far?




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2 responses to “Take a Look at the Official SDCC 2012 Swag Bags

  1. Jeff

    I liked last years MUCH better

  2. Great post, as I never seem to see the bags until I arrive at the con. However, this year’s bag artwork is a little disappointing. I suppose DC Nation is the one I’ll want. Really, as long I avoid any bags with teenage vampires, I will be ok.

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