Count Down to Comic-con: T-Minus 1 Day – SDCC Pick Up Lines

San Diego Comic Con has a lot of potential for meeting that special someone, but let’s face it, it ain’t always easy, especially for us geeks and nerds. While you may think you look great in your killer Batman costume you might still feel more like the Dork Knight. The point is, when it comes to dating, even heroes get the jitters. Remember Sam Gamgee at the end of the Return of the King? After everything he had been through, hitting on Rosie was still the worst of it all. Breaking the ice is often the hardest part. But never fear, us Babblers have compiled this list to help you along.  I proudly give you: Comic Con pick-up lines:

10. “Let’s boldly go where I have never been before.”

9. “Want to SPOOON!”

8. “My secret base or yours?”

7. “Don’t worry, while they call me the Flash, I like to take things slow.”

6. “You’re lucky you don’t have telekinesis or you’d slap me right now.”

5. “Flame on!”

4. “Let’s make a Game of Moans panel .”

3. “Look, just because I’m dressed as a Predator doesn’t mean I am one.”

2. “Do you play Call of Booty?”

1. “Want to have a Thor-gasm?”


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