SDCC High’s and Low’s

Here are some of my thoughts on this year’s SDCC. High and Low’s.

High – While waiting in line for Hall H sucks the Saturday panel are always worth it. The Django Unchained panel was amazing and the place went nuts when Quentin Tarantino walked out and he was incredibly energetic and engaging.  Props for showing the fans an 8 minute Hollywood promo real normally saved for industry types.  The cast had good chemistry and were really interesting. I can’t wait for this movie.

Low- The Game of Thrones panel. I love Game of Thrones, it is hands down my favorite show but the panel was just lackluster. George R.R. Martin hosted the panel and I hate to say it but he just wasn’t very engaging. It was too much of the “cute old man” syndrome. The cast didn’t really have much chemistry either. Not sure if this is because they don’t get to act much together, like as Rob and Dany, or maybe it’s just the way it is. This was the same experience with the GoT panel last year as well.

High – Game of Thrones swag. Pulling off back-to-back repeats of best swag, HBO did the fans right this year as well. Swag consisted of a nice GoT canvas drawstring back that contained a GoT shirt, the second book, a keychain, mouse pad and book mark. It was pretty cool.

Low – The Campaign panel with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. This surprise panel should have been one of the best of Comic-Con but through no fault of the stars it wasn’t. Blame this one squarely on the masses as this panel clearly brought out the weirdest and lamest of questioners that gave the cast little to work with. Seriously, one question asked Zack about growing out his beard between movie shoots.

High – The Hobbit and Pacific Rim were really cool. As always Guillermo Del Toro was really engaging and the footage looked pretty cool. While The Hobbit is still shooting there was a lot of extra behind the scenes footage and the cast was there as well. The place also went nuts when Sir Ian McKellen walked out. On a particularly cool note, some Hobbit fans were camping out the night before for Hall H. Sir Ian heard about them and went out and greeted them the night before. Pretty cool move by all means.

Low – The Man of Steel panel. I honestly don’t know why movies come to Comic-con without bringing something new or exclusive to talk about. Half of the time Zach Snyder looked bored and the other half all he could talk about was how “awesome” the movie was going to be. He was unable, or unwilling, to reveal anything about the movie, which made for a pretty dull panel.

Super High – Hanging with the CONtourage and meeting fun people.

Super Low- Comic-con going by really fast and ending in 4 days.


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