Become a ‘Looper’ and “Hunt Down Your Future Self”

“There’s a stipulation in every Looper’s contract that he may someday be required to hunt down his future self, thus closing the contract, getting a huge pay-off and erasing any trace of the very illegal arrangement with his or her future employer.  This is called Closing Your Loop.  Cash out, get paid.  Live those 30 years like only a Looper can.”

Join the Hunt. Find the Loop. Close the Loop.

Mission #1 launched today and those participating are rewarded with this Joseph Gordon-Levitt set photo below.

“You’re going to want to use this new wealth I’m putting into your hands to prepare yourself and possibly brush up on your Mandarin. This job isn’t for the weak. We value Loopers who aren’t afraid to face each day like it might be their last, because some day, you might have to face yourself… Finish your profile, grab a blunderbuss, and get ready — you’re going to hit the ground running. Welcome to the Looper Network. From now on, I’m the most important person in your life.” – Abe

Visit to become a Looper. In theaters Sept. 28th.


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