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Deeps thoughts on Comikaze Expo

So another Comikaze Expo has come and gone, this one presented by the great Stan Lee himself. It was definitely a huge step up from last years. Here are few random thoughts:

– Comikaze has a lot of potential. In only its second year they did a much better job overall. Just having actual meeting rooms for the panels made a huge difference and having a convention floor instead of a parking garage was nice. They had a decent range of panels as well.

– I like the venders better than the ones at SDCC. Sometimes SDCC feels like a flea market. Comikaze had a lot of local companies plus a lot more unique and original products (as opposed to the myriad of junky action figure and T-shirt booths.)

– Seems like there was more people here this year. I don’t know final numbers but I would guess around 25,000 or so.

The Bad:

-Okay everyone has been ranting about this so it is a little repetitive but the ticket line was absurd. People were waiting two hours outside in the 90 degree weather! They absolutely have to speed this process up. That being said, after how bad it was this year I am sure they will.

While it will never be SDCC, Comikaze has potential and it was fun. I love cons. I love the creativity, the artist the costumes and panels. I think I might have a con  addiction, I am calling it Confluenza.


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