You Only Loop Once

*Spoiler Free*
I’m a little late but here is my non-spoiler, mini-review of time-bending sci-fi thriller Looper starring those obscure actors- the Third Rock from the Sun kid and that balding detective from the Moonlighting series. How to describe this movie? Imagine if Back to the Future had a kid with The Terminator and it was raised by 12 Monkeys– viol-a, you’d have Looper. Oh, and Looper’s annoying cousin was The Butterfly Effect. First thing I have to ask is, how did this movie get made?! Created by several small production companies on a measily budget of $30 mil, it’s like Looper stood up against the movie gods and did their best John McClane- “yippee kai yay mother trucker!”. It’s original, thought-provoking, and daring, a refreshing change after recently watching the reboot of Total Recall. Looper is definitely this year’s Inception. Stealing a page from Nolan’s playbook, Rian Johnson tells a intricate, multi-layered story that challenges the viewer to keep pace. However, it’s far from a perfect. The SlashFilm reviewers said it best that Looper is like a ‘house of cards’ that is about to fall at any moment. Let’s face it, we are expected to accept a world where it’s easier to send someone back in time then to just eliminate a body…yea right. But to my surprise, Johnson pulls off this mind-bending and time-bending adventure in a way that is fresh and fun but also thematic and weighty. The biggest revelation is that Looper is not really about time travel so much as it’s more about breaking the cycle of violence and fighting the demons of selfishness. Looper also makes you unsure of who to root for as desperate characters take desperate actions. On top of all that, Looper goes from gritty, futuristic dystopia to a slow paced western and ends somewhere in the Anime genre- simply crazy. Conventionally, this shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. Oh about the actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do pretty much anything and Bruce Willis is the new Chuck Norris..blah, blah, blah. I definitely give his high recommendations and like a Looper paradox, I encourage you to see it multiple times.
Now excuse me, I KNOW I have seen my older version of myself recently. I need to go kill him.
I give Looper a 4.5 Babbles out of 5.

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