LeBron Gets Graphic

Just when you thought LeBron James couldn’t get more annoying we bring you this. LeBron, ESPN Mag and Marvel comics have partnered to bring us one powerful obnoxious series entitled LeBron: King of the Rings. It follows are intrepid adventurer as he battles zombies, clones, holograms and presumably his own narcissism in effort to win his predicted seven NBA rings. I am wonder if seven issues will be all this will make. The irony of course is that this is a nerd venue and most nerds aren’t into sports. The flip side is that jocks are into LeBron but not necessarily comics. I know I am stereotyping but I appreciate the irony. I for one LOVE football.

All things considered it is a pretty brilliant move. For one, it may serve to get a whole new group of people into comics. It will also hopefully get more jocks to start reading more.  Michael Jordan had Space Jam so why not?  I remember when I was a kid I had a one shot comic that featured Spiderman and the Dallas Cowboys fighting the Green Goblin.  I think he was trying to blow up Texas Stadium or something like that. If you are into collecting then issue 1 might be a good investment. I just want to know if he has to power up his championship ring and use it like the Green Lantern.


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