A movie fan poll:


When it was first announced that JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel would hit the theaters in 2013, I was elated. Then when it was announced that a special 9-minute preview would be released in front of The Hobbit IMAX, I was going plain bananas- and immediately started making plans to seeing it there. However, upon further thought, I started to reconsider this decision. Even though I loved seeing both the Dark Knight and DKR previews, I do think it took away from the impact when seeing their respective films. I love Star Trek more than anything so I am in a dilemma if I should see this preview since it’s my highest anticipated film for next year. What do you think? Do you like to see these extended previews or do you avoid them? Thanks for your vote!



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2 responses to “A movie fan poll:

  1. Jeffra

    I remember reading an article about how in the past, we knew so little about a movie before we actually saw it. And that there is a certain unique thrill about experiencing a movie without much or any foreknowledge. This is often missed out on today as we can get so much in the way of spoilers and previews. I have decided to hold back on gaining too much advance knowledge. I definitely find that I enjoy a movie more when I know less about what I am going to see.

    Hold off, Tony, you can do it!

  2. Jeffra

    And I can already see in that picture that it is Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan. I don’t know how I am going to see him as anyone other than Sherlock.

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