Star Wars TV Spin Off’s

This is just wrong...

This is just wrong…

Word has come to light that Disney is planning some Star Wars spin-off movies. Currently the two biggest rumors are a Han Solo movie and Boba Fett movie. For years there has been talk of a Star Wars live action TV show and now that may be a real possibility as well. Just think if they did it dark and gritty like BSG! But why stop there? The world of Star Wars is resplendent with possible TV shows, here are some of the proposed candidates.

Who’s the Bosk – This sitcom follows the daily antics of a Bosk bounty hunter turned nanny. Watch as this battle hardened warrior trained in the deadly arts of man hunting struggles with the day to day trials of raising three troublesome youths, all while trying to hide his violent past from them. Even more hijinks ensue when the occasional visitor from his past catches up with our bumbling Bosk nanny. Will he be able to deal with his past while keeping it from his present employers? We don’t know but it’s sure to be a Rancor pit of laughs!

Bothan Nights – All is not what it seems in this seemingly innocent and just society. Dive into the dark underbelly of corruption, crime, sex and betrayal as this historically inspired story follows the plot of a hand full of brave Bothan’s who work to carry the secret plans of the first death star to the rebellion. Will they succeed and if so at what cost? Tag line:  “Many Bothan’s died bringing us this information, but they were just Bothan’s.”

It’s a Trap! – Admiral Akbar hosts this hilarious reality TV show that places various contestants against each other in an obstacle course for some serious money. Of course, all is not so simple as the race is littered with amusing traps that include Sarlacc pits,   bounty hunters and Tusken raiders just to name a few!  Laugh out loud moments abound as any number of devious traps are sprung, each more cunning and sinister than the next, as contestants do their best to survive the race and claim the prize.

Survivor Hoth – We place our brave contestants in what is often considered one of the most difficult places in the universe to survive: the ice planet Hoth. Watch as they desperately compete for resources such as fire, coats and warm TaunTaun corpses to sleep in. Who will succumb to frostbite and random Wampa attacks and who will rise above it all and proclaim themselves the ultimate survivor? Only time will tell.

Here Comes Honey Windu – These words strike fear into the very hearts of any member of the Dark Side.  Join Mace Windu, jedi master and defender of the light, as he tracks down and kills the worst criminals in the galaxy while simultaneously seeking an answer to the mysterious “prophecy” of one who will come and bring balance to the Force.

The Apprentice – Think you got what it takes to be the next great Sith Lord? Well, embrace the Dark Side and let’s find out. Emperor Palpatine hosts this reality TV that pits aspiring Darth’s against each other in the ultimate test of evil vs. evil. Always two there are, a master and an apprentice, but who will be the next one? Stay tuned and find out.



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2 responses to “Star Wars TV Spin Off’s

  1. Great ideas!

    One note: it’s Boba Fett.

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