Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter!

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Were you a Veronica Mars fan? Do you long to return to Neptune High? Well, you’re in for some great news. Rob Thomas.. no.. other Rob Thomas (creator of the show Veronica Mars) started a Kickstarter for fans crying out for a movie adaptation for years and REACHED their 2 million dollar goal in less than 24 hours. It has been almost 10 years since I became a fan of the show. And ‘Veronica Mars’ happens to be the first background job I’ve ever worked. You can even find me in the background in a few of the earlier episodes. I am a big fan, own the dvds, and would love to work on this project again.


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One response to “Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter!

  1. Julie

    awesome! I heard they will be at Comic-Con!

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