The Morality of Zombiefication

I have to admit, as much as I love con’s, some of the panels can get pretty out there at times and so it was with some chagrin that I saw the strangely titled “Not Guilty by Reason of Zombification? Law and Forensic Psychiatry After the Zombie Apocalypse.”  Okay that is a mouthful but you get the idea.  Or do you?

We all know that in the coming zombie apocalypse the laws of morality and ethics will change greatly. Self-defense, looting and death by zombies are just a few of the problems humanity will face. All bets are off as only the strongest will survive. It could be an interesting panel, but this panel takes it further. What if suddenly a cure for zombification was found and those former zombies return to being human again? Would they be held accountable for their zombie actions? Or is being a zombie a good enough legal defense in and of itself? That’s the premise of this panel and while it may be a little out there, it could be fun. Which raises the questions, are werewolves accountable for their actions too?


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