Thoughts On The New Arrested Development

So by now if you don’t know about Netflix’s upcoming Arrested Development release you have probably been frozen in the banana stand. Arrested Development is hands down my favorite sitcom of all time. I decided that in preparation of their upcoming new episodes on Netflix that I would re-watch the original three seasons and I am glad I did. They are still fresh, original and funny and more importantly every time I watch them I catch something I didn’t the first time.

The release date is May 26th and while I am excited about it I do have some questions. Namely, after so much time away, will the show still keep its fresh originality? It is hard to imagine they can just pick up where they left off but at the same time the show ended in full stride and we never had to watch it die the slow, painful death hit comedies usually suffer. The temptation for them will be to try and cram in as many of the old bits that they can so that it feels forced. I think the key here is to trust the cast, writers and director. They did a great job with the originals and I believe they will nail the new ones as well. They certainly have had more than enough time to come up with ideas.

The other question of course is how much has the cast aged?  The most obvious would be Alia Shawkat (Maeby) and Michael Cera (George-Michael) and possibly Jessica Walter (Lucille) and Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr.). So to answer that question here are the promo posters.

new bluth

So Lucille and George still look pretty much the same. Here is Maeby and George-Michael.

michael and maybe

George-Michael is a little older but he still keeps his baby face. Maeby has definitely aged the most, from cute rebellious kid to college student, but she still fits the role. Now for fun here is Lindsey.

new portia

She still looks amazing. Most of the rest of the cast haven’t changed to much either. I can’t wait. If you want to check them out here is the trailer.


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