Deep Thoughts On Season Three of GoT

Game_of_Thrones_season_2So Game of Thrones season three has come and gone and left the world reeling in the wake of the Red Wedding.  I’m not sure if I can think of any other TV event that has created such a stir (maybe J.R. getting killed in Dallas? But I was too young for that, and it turned out to be a lame dream in the end).

I am one of those snooty guys who read the books so I knew it was coming and I secretly couldn’t wait to see people’s reaction. I was also interested in seeing how they pulled it off. I have to admit, even knowing what to expect, it was still incredibly traumatic to watch. HBO pulled it off perfectly.  It was simply brutal in its violence and betrayal and to sit there watching Walder Frey enjoy it even makes it even worse. Having Robb’s pregnant wife be there getting stabbed in the belly was a painful twist that wasn’t even in the books (she doesn’t go to the wedding in the books) so there was something new for us who knew what was coming.

Season three (and book three) marks a huge turning point in the series. The Red Wedding breaks the Stark power and Robb’s death marks the death of any real chance of justice for Ned’s death. The Stark’ s played fair and lost, which is one reason the Red Wedding is so tragic. The nice guys really did finish last.

I remember during the season one Comic-con panel it was either David Benioff or D.B. Weiss that when asked about where they would like to take the series responded that they felt if they could get to one specific point they would be satisfied, even if the show was canceled after that. He said the initials for that point were “RW”. At the time I hadn’t read the books and me and my friends assumed it meant “Robb’s  Wedding” which was obviously wrong. Well, they reached that spot and the show is no danger of being canceled, seeing as how it is now HBO’s flagship show.

R.I.P. Robb

R.I.P. Robb

As for the rest of the cast, there is plenty ahead for them. Khalessi continues her rampage through the free cities but some very hard times are ahead. John Snow’s plot is starting to finally get interesting and he will take more prominence in the episodes to follow. We also finally get to see a little more of what may be in store for Brann. I do wish Sansa’s plot would go somewhere but even in the books she does little thus far.

Some fans wondered if the show will catch up to the books. I doubt it will and if it does it won’t be anytime soon.  Book six is half written and more importantly A LOT happens in book three. They can easily, and should, be able to get another season out of it. Which is good for us because it gives us that much more to watch, although I really wish they would do a fall and spring season or at least do more than ten episodes, but then again, I also wish Robb had lived and the Frey’s were all dead.




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3 responses to “Deep Thoughts On Season Three of GoT

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  2. It’s a great show, but it’s either too violent of late or I’m just too old.

    • Jeff

      Yeah, I can see that. Lot’s of nudity to, but i love the characters and world so much I have to watch. How is your writing coming?

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