If you didn’t catch it yesterday catch it today. My reviews of Dark Horse’s new title The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys! You won’t want to miss! This one is gonna be great.

“Just the title alone was enough to make me interested in this new series by Dark Horse, and I am impressed with just the first issue. Enter a futuristic desert wasteland filled with rebels, stragglers, and a mysterious DJ all fighting against the evil corporate forces of the Better Living Industries (BLI), whose face-like logo has to be a shot at Walmart. BLI is headquartered in nearby Battery City, a neo-Babylon filled with decadence and decay that is slightly reminiscent of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. How decadent? Try android sex workers trolling the streets for anyone who is feeling a little lonely. Oh, and they can get addicted to a power source known as Plus. [more]”

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