My Top 10 tips and tricks for Surviving and Enjoying Comic Con!

So this year marks my 12th year going to San Diego Comic Con! I’ve picked up some tips and tricks over the years and thought I’d share them with you. Get ready to Level Up!


Here we go!!!!

#sdcc #comiccontip #10 check out and read some COMICS! it is ‘comic’ con after all.readcomics

#sdcc #comiccon tip #9 wear sunblock! whether you’re waiting outside of hall h in the sun, or running a viral scavenger hunt.Sunburn

#sdcc #comiccon tip #8 wear comfortable shoes! you will be on your feet all day. avoid ironman suits, stormtroopers, or steampunk boots. slippers

#sdcc #comiccon tip #7 be patient, positive, and persistent. #nerdsunite ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ – Plato
#sdcc #comiccon tip #6 Tag your things. Do good and return. You may just find your stuff back at ‘Lost and Found’
#sdcc #comiccon tip #5 Don’t grab everything! Just like #Diablo3, be selective with your #loot and avoid becoming over-encumbered.
#sdcc #comiccon tip #4 bring an extra battery or external charger for your gadgets. texting, tweeting, etc. will drain your phone!
#sdcc #comiccon tip #3 have your camera ready and at the desired setting. (force flash on) nothing worse than a blurry pic or a missed op.
 #sdcc #comiccon tip #2 bring water and food for at least half the day. food is expensive and leaving the con costs you valuable time.
sdcc #comiccon tip #1 practice good hygiene! shower and deodorize. 150,000 attendees shoulder to shoulder can smell pretty bad!

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One response to “My Top 10 tips and tricks for Surviving and Enjoying Comic Con!

  1. Janet

    Very good tips. Share more.

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