SDCC 2013 In Review

So another Comic-con has come and gone and already leaving a whole in my heart. To be honest I have mixed feelings about this one. For the first time ever I was not able to  get into the panels I wanted to in Hall H, which was really disappointing. We got in line at 6 AM and just missed getting in. We were in the row right next to the four “chutes.” The next day we thought maybe we should get in line at 4 AM but around midnight heard people were already camped out across the street from Hall H. At that point we decided it wasn’t worth being exhausted all day.  However, that did give me the opportunity to hit smaller panels and spend a lot of time on the sales floor, which is always fun.

I went to a couple of the creative panels and one on marketing and branding. They were fun and insightful and I forgot how much I like the smaller panels. I also spent a lot of time on the sales floor and I admit I had a hidden agenda. I spent the time networking with a lot of artists and small press publishers handing out copies of my book, Great Moments in OCD History. I also spent time handing out bottles of hand sanitizer to promote it as well, which most people thought was really funny.

I have to say it was really fun connecting with the indie/small press and artist. They tend to be be really nice and sort of have “we’re all in this together” mentality and their is definitely some quality work among them.

Overall, this SDCC wasn’t the epic experience of years past due to not getting into Hall H, but it was still fun. I love just being surrounded by that environment. The art, costumes, movies, comics and everything else. It always serves to remind me of my roots and refresh me creatively.  And yes, I have decided that I am a Con junkie.

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