A Dexter Spin-Off?

A while back I wrote a comedic bit about a Dexter spin-off set in England called Poindexter and while it was a joke, I may not have been far off. Showtimes entertainment president David Nevins said he wanted to keep in contact with Dexter’s showrunner Scott Buck. When asked what this meant he said “draw your own conclusions.” Nothing has been decided and it was really more of a tease then anything, but the fact exists it could happen.

I think this would be a horrible idea doomed to fail. Dexter is such an iconic character driven show with Michael C. Hall portraying the serial killer that it is hard to imagine anything that would capture an audience like Dexter did. Besides, what would they do? Anything with a serial killer, such as Dexter’s brother, would feel old hat. What about a focusing on the Miami P.D.? To much like CSI. A show about a young Harry and how this all started? It has possibilities but what keeps it from being just another cop show.

This doesn’t mean it won’t happen or won’t work, I will just be very surprised if it did.


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