Act Now! Get Your PS4 Before it’s Too Late!

If you’re one of the many who have yet to preorder the PS4, or be guaranteed one by a certain date, Walmart has just announced they are offering a guaranteed system (plus one game or accessory) before Christmas 2013.   You’ll want to act fast though, as these probably won’t last for long!  If you’re still on the fence about which system to get you can always check out our detailed breakdown of the pros and cons for each “next-gen” system here!

Click on the link above, or just click here to be taken to Walmart’s pre-order page.  The bundle isn’t really anything special, as it’s the exact same you’d pay for anything separately, at $459.99 (the same price as any system + game or accessory like a controller or the Playstation Camera) but you are guaranteed one by December 25th, 2013!  So don’t delay!  And, hey, if a helluva deal is something you’re looking for, we’re hearing that Target is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 sale on ALL new games the week the Playstaion 4 launches!


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