First Official Trailer for The Day of the Doctor!

If you’re afraid of any spoilers for the upcoming global EVENT that is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, turn away NOW!

Seriously.  Do it.  Don’t go any further.

Right then.  Still here?  Then CHECK. IT. OUT.

The Day of the Doctor (a special episode for the series) features both of the two most recent Doctors, David Tennant and Matt Smith, as well as a couple of their traveling “assistants” Billie Piper as Rose and Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara.  Among the confirmed SPOILERS for the episode is that John Hurt will be playing a previous regeneration of the Doctor, one that is presumably between Paul McGann’s 8 and Christopher Eccleston’s 9, who is also assumed to be the Doctor that locked both all remaining Time Lords and Daleks in a time lock, effectively removing them from the universe during the last great Time War.  For a complete write up on the Time War I suggest clicking this link, it’s quite informative.

Until next time, readers!  Allons-y!


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