501 mile walk to SDCC

Kevin Doyle is walking to Comic Con, from San Francisco. 501 miles.


An avid Star Wars fan, Doyle met his wife Eileen through the international Star Wars Costuming group. In 2010 they got married in a decked out Star Wars themed wedding-R2D2 was the ringbearer. But in 2011 Eileen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and succumbed to the illness thirteen months later.

This stormtrooper, from the 501st legion, is walking 501 miles to San Diego Comic Con to honor his wife Eileen, and to help raise money for the charity he started in her name, Eileen’s Little Angels.

So when you see him there at SDCC; tear your eyes away from all the swag tables for a moment, revive that cold dead heart that only cares about seeing girls in skimpy cosplay and the latest GoT toys, and, give the man a friggin’ hug.

Click the Link below for the full article.
501 mile walking stormtrooper

Hey Kevin, here’s some mood music for your walk~


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